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The Thinking Body

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are about working with your whole self, body and mind together.  Learning the Technique means returning to your balanced self.

Freedom from Habit – Knowing yourself brings freedom and power.  Discover how to work with your body to overcome postural patterns that interfere with your activity and cause pain, stress and the inability to perform at your best.

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Care of Yourself in Action – recurring back, neck and limb pain in a healthy person may indicate the presence of unconscious, muscular patterns of tension which can interfere with your best functioning.  Alexander Technique shows you how to become aware of what you are doing so that you can do what you do in a better way – more ease, more enjoyment, more success.   Not what you do but how you do it.

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Posture and Grace in Daily life – For people who have studied the Alexander Technique, moving with ease and “growing older gracefully” is a reality, not just a turn of phrase.  The technique teaches natural poise and easy upright balance.  “The downward pressure that we all seem to develop in our bodies as we grow up is not a natural thing, but is a habit we develop.”  (Marjorie L. Barstow, Alexander Technique teacher.)

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Graceful, healthy living